New-look recycling centres could be on their way

Published: 17 May 2019

Bigger and better recycling centres could be on their way to Hertfordshire as councillors discuss the long-term strategy for the county’s household waste recycling centre (HWRC) network.

With 100,000 new homes expected in the county over the next 15 years, and new national policies on recycling on their way, a recent assessment of Hertfordshire’s 17 HWRCs has found that only four will be suitable by 2031.

Currently, small sites with restricted facilities can mean long queues and frustration for residents. As most of the existing sites can’t be expanded, county councillors are discussing a new long-term plan for where new alternative recycling centres could be located.

The plan is based on the idea of ‘supersites’ – substantially larger and easier to use sites with better facilities than the current network of small sites. These would be easier to get to and quicker to use, meaning that residents wouldn’t end up queuing at the site making the journey quicker overall.

Simon Aries, Assistant Director for Waste and Environmental Management, said: “Many of our recycling centres are already operating over-capacity and with the growth expected in the county the pressure on our sites is only going to increase. We need to plan now to make sure we’re ready for the future.”

The HWRC in Ware has already been identified as the location for a supersite in Hertfordshire, and will close on 29 May this year for redevelopment into a new and greatly improved site four times the size of the existing site.