New special education free school earmarked for Welwyn Garden City

Published: 20 Mar 2019

Hertfordshire pupils with special educational needs are set to benefit from a new school in Welwyn Garden City, thanks to central government funding.

The Department for Education announced thousands of new school places across the UK for pupils requiring additional educational support – including funding for a new free school in Welwyn Garden City.

Every region of the country will benefit from last week’s funding announcement which is expected to generate over 37 special free schools and around 3,500 additional school places.

Still in its very early stages, the location of the new school in Welwyn Garden City is yet to be determined.

Cabinet Member for Education, Libraries and Localism, Terry Douris said: “We are delighted to hear that children with special educational needs will be benefiting from this new free school planned for Welwyn Garden City.

“This will increase the preferences for parents while providing much-needed specialist support and education for pupils with complex needs such as autism, severe learning difficulties or mental health conditions.”

The planning application for the new school will be determined by Hertfordshire County Council, working in consultation with its Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council colleagues to take these proposals forward and gain the necessary approvals.

The County Council has created over 14,200 additional permanent and temporary primary and secondary school places since 2012.