Pay-As-You-Go arrives at Hertford North

Published: 03 Apr 2019

Travelling by train from Hertford North just got a lot easier with the arrival of Pay-As-You-Go on Tuesday (2 April).

Customers are now able to pay for rail fares with a contactless payment card, a mobile device via digital services such as ApplePay, or an Oyster card.

The extension to Hertford North is the first of three of Oyster, and contactless tickets, into Hertfordshire by Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) – the route to Welwyn Garden City and stations south of Luton Airport Parkway should also be included later this year. However, Welwyn Garden City will have contactless facilities but not Oyster – which you were already able to use at Hertford East.

Mark Kemp, Hertfordshire County Council’s Director of Environment and Infrastructure, said:

“We have been pushing for the introduction of contactless payment including Oyster to other stations in Hertfordshire for many years in our discussions with the Department for Transport and Transport for London.

“This is a really positive development for those who travel from Hertford North. But we’re not stopping there. We’d like to see contactless ticketing rolled out to all stations in the county to provide seamless travel with TfL bus, trains and tubes, so that Hertfordshire is incorporated into the London fare zoning system.

“There is a Department for Transport consultation on extending contactless ticketing in the south-east, and we will be responding to that by the end of April.”

As well as Hertford North, Pay-As-You-Go is also now available at Cuffley and Bayford.

Key points about Pay-As-You-Go:


  • It provides cheaper fares for all single and most return journeys to London terminals on weekdays.
  • For most “turn up and go” type journeys, especially those that involve onwards travel within the London zones, Pay-As-You-Go will be the cheapest option.
  • Regular commuters are advised to continue to buy their season tickets either in paper or on the Key Smartcard.