Pick up a green bargain

Published: 22 Nov 2018

Hertfordshire County Council is inviting local residents to pick up an environmentally-friendly bargain at the brand new Waterdale Reuse Centre in Garston.

Cabinet Member for Waste, Terry Hone, cut the ribbon at the new centre which opened on Wednesday 21 November.

Based at the Waterdale Household Waste and Recycling Centre (HWRC), the reuse centre promises great bargains on a range of furniture and other household items all year round.

The Random Café supplied food and drinks for the event, creating dishes from food that would otherwise be thrown away due to over-ordering or the end of promotional offers.

Hertfordshire County Council’s reuse centres at HWRCs are an easy place to donate your unwanted household items, stopping them from going to landfill.

Cabinet Member Terry Hone said: “I am very happy to officially open the Waterdale Reuse Centre in Garston, Watford. Choosing to reuse items is even better than recycling, which still uses energy, leaving a carbon footprint.

“The majority of proceeds from the sales at these centres are re-invested into the services we provide at HWRCs – including the further development of reuse centres and maximising the recovery of materials for the purpose of reuse.

“The new centre at Waterdale is fantastic it has lots of space and is an enjoyable place to browse for a green bargain. Please come down to donate items or find a bargain yourself.”

Opening times are the same as the Household Waste Recycling Centre. Please check directions and opening times for each HWRC.