Pothole recovery programme sees 10,000 holes filled

Published: 26 Apr 2018

Over 10,000 potholes have been repaired in Hertfordshire so far this year as part of a winter recovery programme launched by the county council in response to the harsh winter. Despite warm weather in recent weeks, periods of wet and freezing weather earlier in the year have caused unprecedented damage to road surfaces across the county, leading to a big increase in the number of potholes reported to the county council’s highways team.

Rob Smith, Deputy Director of Environment, said: “Just like other parts of the country, our roads have been badly affected by the repeated periods of freezing weather this winter, leading to potholes forming at an unprecedented rate. We’ve brought in four extra jet patching machines to work alongside our regular crews to get on top of the problem and we’ve now fixed over 10,000 potholes. Despite the significant increase in the number of potholes and road faults reported, we continue to hit our targets of repairing the most urgent potholes within 24 hours and all others which are considered serious within five to 20 working days.”

In addition to pothole repairs, with the weather improving the county council has now begun its annual surfacing programmes, which will see large sections of road given new surfaces. This will include preventative maintenance on roads that are close to failure as well as new surfaces for some of the most uneven roads.

In addition to the money spent specifically on pothole repairs, the county council has increased its highways budget for this financial year with a £40m programme of over 1,000 road maintenance and improvement schemes across Hertfordshire’s 3,000 miles of road. This year’s funding includes an extra £5m which the county council is spending on improving the condition of local roads people live and work on, as part of a longer term £29m programme targeted on those smaller, local roads.

Hertfordshire County Council encourages road users to report potholes on the county council website https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/faultreporting/