Recycle your crisp packets at county council offices

Published: 26 Sep 2019

For fans of crisps, Hertfordshire County Council is pleased to introduce collection points at their four main offices around the county - County Hall (Hertford), Farnham House (Stevenage), Apsley 2 (Hemel Hempstead) and The Mundells (Welwyn Garden City).

Since the scheme was introduced internally in July, staff have collected over 12kg of crisp packets. To celebrate Recycle Week 2019 (23-27 September), the county council is now making these collection points available for the community to drop off their nuts, popcorn, crisps and pretzels packets at the front receptions of these buildings. This special recycling scheme is available through a partnership with TerraCycle® and KP Snacks®.

Every year countless packets end up in landfill sites across the UK. Crisp packets are not accepted for recycling from the kerbside due to the combination of layered materials (plastic and metal film), which means it cannot be recycled with the other items collected from your home.

This new scheme allows these packets, which are more difficult to recycle, to be turned into something useful. Not only are you helping the environment, but the waste you recycle with Terracycle also helps to fund the Hertfordshire Community Foundation, which provides grants to families in crisis, grassroots charities and voluntary groups, helping some of the county’s most vulnerable residents.

Terry Hone, Cabinet Member for Waste Management, said: “We’re determined to do our part to reduce the huge amount of plastic being thrown away every year. As a big employer, and as one of the organisations responsible for disposing of the county’s waste, it’s important that we lead by example.

“Our own staff are already making good use of the crisp packet recycling points, and it makes sense for us to make these available to the wider public as well. We know that most people want to recycle their waste, but it has been difficult for them to find somewhere that will take their crisp packets. This initiative will help to solve that problem and make it simpler and easier for our residents to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the bin.”

To make sure your packets are properly recycled, please only put in the bins empty packets from the accepted list (any brand of nut, popcorn, crisp and pretzel packets). Sweet wrappers are not part of this recycling programme.

What happens to the waste? Once collected, the crisp, nut, popcorn, and pretzel packets are sorted, shredded and washed. The material is then turned into hard-granulated plastic granules. The granules can be incorporated into the production of different plastic products such as fence posts and benches.

Find out more about the recycling process and collection points, or download a poster to advertise this scheme, at