Residents get commitment from county council to clear blocked roadside drains within a year of them being reported

Published: 17 Nov 2017


From April 2018, residents will be able to report a blocked roadside drain, also known as a gully, at the click of a button and track the progress of it being cleared. At present there is no limit to how long a gully may remain blocked but from April 2018 Hertfordshire County Council promise that the gully will be unblocked within 12 months.


Most gullies are not actually blocked, they are just covered with leaves. Blocked gullies however, which are usually caused by a high level of silt, can be a contributing factor to the risk of flooding. The new proposed reporting system, which was approved by councillors yesterday, will allow residents to track the progress of their reported blocked gully.


County councillors at the Highways cabinet panel yesterday also approved new plans, starting from October 2018, to look at all 168,624 gullies across the county and prioritise them based on silt level information that is currently being collected. This work will allow us to categorise each stretch of road containing gullies, so that we focus on those that require work, saving precious time and tax payers money.


Executive Member for Highways, Councillor Ralph Sangster, said:


“This is great news for residents – particularly those who live in or near areas where blocked gullies may be a contributing factor to flooding risks. Not only will we now focus our limited resources on the priority areas but residents will be able to help us by reporting when gullies do become blocked.


“This will help to keep Hertfordshire’s roads moving, reduce the risk of standing water on the roads and keep those using our roads safe.”