Sport England Chief Executive visits Hertfordshire's Active Ageing programme for Older Persons Day

Published: 24 Sep 2019

Tim Hollingsworth, Chief Executive of Sport England, will be visiting the Hertfordshire Independent Living Service (HILS) ‘Active Ageing’ programme on 1 October 2019 to mark International Day for Older Persons. 


Active Ageing is a three year partnership programme between Hertfordshire County Council (HCC), HILS and Sport England.


The programme is delivered free of charge to people in Hertfordshire over the age of 55.


It aims to increase physical activity levels among older and vulnerable people living in the community by providing a one-to-one tailored exercise service in the home.


Cabinet Member for Public Health and Prevention at HCC, Tim Hutchings, said: “There is clear and compelling evidence of the benefits of exercising at any age to promote independence and wellbeing in later life.  Yet too many of our residents aren’t benefitting and lack tailored opportunities to take part.


“The great thing about this programme is that we are making the most of the unique partnership we have with HILS to offer exercise in people’s homes and on their doorstep. This will make the world of difference to their quality of life.”


Chief Executive of HILS, Sarah Wren, said: “We are delighted to be able to showcase this incredible service, which is changing the lives of older and vulnerable people across the county.


“Every day the teams come back with such wonderful stories about clients, who with a bit of support and lots of hard work have been able to become more physically active and regain some of their independence. 


“We are very grateful to our partners, Hertfordshire County Council’s Public Health team and Sport England, for having the courage to support such a unique service and the foresight to see just how great an impact it would have.”


The Active Ageing service offers three levels of support for different levels of ability and mobility.


Tim Hollingsworth, Sport England Chief Executive said: “Often it can feel like the barriers to getting active grow as we age – but physical activity is not only for the young. Keeping active in our later years delivers huge benefits not only to our physical health but also our mental health, improving our independence and increasing our connections with friends and communities.


“I’m delighted to be visiting this partnership between Hertfordshire County Council and Hertfordshire Independent Living Service and supporting this inspiring project with National Lottery funding. By supporting individuals to take part in regular short bursts of activity - tailored to their ability, motivation and current health - we hope to see more older adults exercising in a way that suits them and improves their lives.”


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