Stevenage Community Foodbank ( Amanda King - £5000)

Published: 20 Feb 2017

Councillor supports Stevenage Community Food Bank


County Councillor Amanda King (Old Stevenage Division) has allocated £5,000 from her locality budget to Stevenage Community Food Bank.


Stevenage Community Food Bank has been set up to provide a safety net for Stevenage residents who find themselves in sudden financial crisis. Redundancy, benefit change, delay in benefit award or an unexpected large bill are all issues that can mean a family is unable to put food on the table.


The Food Bank provides nutritious food for a three week period. It is a short term measure to support people in crisis to allow time to organise, adjust or change their circumstances. Cllr. King’s allocation will help the foodbank support more large families and help with the cost of buying new shelving for their newly refurbished food bank.


John Mead, a founder of Stevenage Food Bank, said: “The people of Stevenage and Knebworth generously donate to the Stevenage Community Food Bank and are the champions of our service. With an increase in the amount of people needing to use the food bank, Amanda King’s locality grant will allow the food bank to supplement our food stocks when donations fail to meet the demands on the service.”


The locality budget scheme has funded thousands of community projects since it was launched in 2009, supporting local good causes and making a real difference to people across Hertfordshire.


County councillors work closely with local communities to identify local issues. For this year, each of the 77 members of Hertfordshire County Council has £5,000 to spend on worthwhile projects in their area and they welcome applications from across the local community.


For more information on how to apply for funding under the scheme visit