Trading standards crackdown on illegal fireworks

Published: 29 Oct 2019

As Guy Fawkes Night approaches Hertfordshire County Council’s Trading Standards team have been keeping the public safe by removing illegal fireworks from sale.

The county council have been enforcing laws around the storage and sale of fireworks. In Hertfordshire there are over 170 premises licensed to store fireworks and a few sellers who are licenced to sell fireworks all year round.

Fireworks must be stored safely, and CE marked.

Most businesses do a great job in ensuring that this inherently dangerous product is stored correctly and as safely as they can. Occasionally there are problems which might require trading standards officers to intervene and in some cases remove badly stored, damaged or old products.

Since 2017, Hertfordshire County Council have removed approximately 1,050 fireworks from five traders in the county, and Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service have attended seven Bonfire Night-related incidents.

Susie Helliwell, Trading Standards Officer, said: “Fireworks that have been stored incorrectly can become damp or damaged which means they are then unpredictable when set off posing a risk to consumers and property.”

Colin Woodward, Deputy Cabinet Member for Community Safety & Waste Management at Hertfordshire County Council said: “Our trading standards and fire service teams work extra hard at this time of year to prevent and respond to bonfire night related incidents.

“While we want everyone to be able to enjoy fireworks in a safe way it is also important for shopkeepers to abide by the laws regulating the sale of fireworks.

“We would strongly encourage people to attend a professionally-organised display, which is much safer for you and your family. If, however you are thinking of lighting fireworks at home follow our important fire safety advice.”