Vast majority of Hertfordshire schools remain open for children of key workers and vulnerable pupils

Published: 26 Mar 2020

One hundred percent of Hertfordshire secondary schools and the vast majority of primary schools (95 per cent) are currently open for children of key workers or pupils with specific vulnerabilities

The county council is currently working with all schools to maintain this position until the end of term and will review the situation for the summer term.

Cabinet Member for Education, Libraries and Localism Cllr Terry Douris said: “We are pleased that most of our schools have remained open during these very difficult and unprecedented times, to support our most vulnerable pupils and the children of key workers.

“Thank you to all the headteachers and members of staff who are providing an education for these key groups of pupils and making plans to ensure on-going provision for them during the Easter holidays.

“Key workers should only send their children into school if they are unable to stay at home. Parents are advised to contact their schools in the first instance so that the necessary arrangements can be made.”

Any parents who are key workers but are finding it difficult to access this special provision should email Hertfordshire County Council at

Many thousands of pupils are currently engaging in remote learning organised by their schools, with tasks being set daily through a variety of online resources.

As with current government regulations, social distancing applies to children and adults in home settings.

All school admissions processes are on track for the scheduled allocation dates and the county council is working closely with neighbouring local authorities to ensure that primary school allocations will not be affected.