Ware fire engine named after ex-firefighter

Published: 26 Oct 2017

Ware’s fire engine has been named ‘Ernie’ in honour of former auxiliary firefighter Ernest Coxall, who was stationed at Ware during the Second World War.

Ernie left £10,000 to Ware fire station in his will and, following discussions with the executors, the money has been split three ways between the Firefighters Charity, a fund to support Community Protection volunteering and the installation of a public access defibrillator at Ware fire station.

The newly named fire engine and community access defibrillator were both unveiled at the fire station earlier this month at an event attended by members of Ernie’s family.

The installation of the defibrillator was made possible by the combination of Ernie’s bequest, a donation from the Ware-based operation GSK and fundraising events held across the year. It requires no training to use, with easy to follow voice instructions, and will now be available to help anyone suffering a cardiac arrest in the area.

Chief Fire Officer Darryl Keen said: “We were surprised and delighted to receive Ernie’s generous bequest. Auxiliary firefighters like Ernie played a hugely important role during the war and talking to Ernie’s family it’s clear he loved the job and the difference it made to his community. We’ve made sure to use the money in the spirit it was left to us, by using it to help keep the people of Ware safe and to support current and former firefighters, like Ernie. Naming the fire engine after Ernie was the least we could do to thank him for his generosity.”