Thinking about giving up smoking?

Today is No Smoking Day and to mark the event, we’re raising awareness of the benefits of e-cigarettes as an effective way to give up smoking.

Many people are still confused about the safety of e-cigarettes, with half of us wrongly thinking they are equally or more harmful than smoking and not realising the potential benefits.

However e-cigarettes are 95 per cent safer than smoking tobacco, cheaper than conventional cigarettes and twice as effective at helping people stop smoking as over the counter nicotine replacements.

Hertfordshire resident Sue Fleming made up her mind on her 50th birthday to give up smoking by using e-cigarettes, after her mother passed away from a smoking-related illness.

She said: “At first I was worried about making the switch because I wasn’t sure if e-cigarettes were safe, but Hertfordshire’s Stop Smoking Service helped me understand that e-cigarettes were far more beneficial to my health than continuing to smoke.

“The Stop Smoking Service was fantastic, really giving me the confidence to go for it and keeping me on track.

“I’m so pleased I gave up smoking, it’s made such an amazing difference to my health. Things taste much better, I go to the gym and do yoga now and I don’t get out of breath like I used to.”

For information about how Hertfordshire’s Stop Smoking Service can help you stop or reduce smoking, including advice about e-cigarettes, please text SMOKEFREE to 80818, call 0800 389 3998 or visit