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Hertfordshire County Council


Year of volunteering

A year-long campaign that promoted the benefits of volunteering and celebrated the contribution of volunteers.

The year of volunteering was all about:

  • boosting the number of volunteers across Hertfordshire
  • celebrating the contribution of existing volunteers
  • showing that we have a strong sense of community and are proud to volunteer.

Hertfordshire's volunteers help us to:

  • improve the health and wellbeing of Hertfordshire's residents
  • prevent isolation and mental health problems
  • support individuals with both personal and career development.

Want to volunteer in your local community?

  • Take a look at the current opportunities to volunteer with Hertfordshire County Council.

Volunteer with us

Year of volunteering newsletter

  • A newsletter was published every month with information about what had been happening with volunteers across the county.

Read the final newsletter

Angela, Fire & Rescue Volunteer

  • Angela (right) from Watford has been volunteering for Hertfordshire County Councils Fire & Rescue Service for nine years, for which she was nominated for and awarded an MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours list last year.
  • Angela says: "I get great satisfaction from volunteering and I can't recommend it enough to others. It's a chance to pass on information to people that they wouldn't have normally thought of to help keep them safe and well."

Ricky, iPro Volunteer

  • Ricky starting volunteering for iPro two years ago as a peer educator to tell his story of homelessness to young people in the county. He now also does admin work to help out further and learn new skills.
  • He volunteers to give something back to the charity that helped him so much, as well as to help young people in the same situation as he was. Ricky says: "I would recommend volunteering as it helps you as a person as well as feeling like you're making a difference in your local community."

Sally, tutor and acting chairman of the Women's Advisory Council of the United Nations Association of the UK

  • Sally (left) volunteers for a number of different causes, including as a Baha'i Faith children's tutor and as acting chairman of the Women's Advisory Council of the United Nations Association of the UK.
  • Sally says: "Humans cannot live isolated lives, we are spiritual, social beings, we need to help each other and learn how to live happily together and share what insights we may have. We should appreciate the value of our diversity and recognise our need of each other."

Susan, Watford Green Gym Volunteer

  • Susan has been volunteering for three years with Watford Green Gym.
  • Susan says: "I never realised how lovely this area was until I joined Watford Green Gym. It really is quite beautiful and I have learnt so much about the plants and local wildlife, it has added a whole new dimension to my life. We have so much fun and it is immensely rewarding when you can see the difference you've made."

Laura and Jennifer, Barleyfields Childrens Centre Volunteers

  • Laura and Jennifer jointly run a drop in session at Barleyfields Childrens Centre to support mothers who are struggling with breastfeeding.
  • Laura says: "Breastfeeding is such a personal thing and mothers feel so pressured to give their baby the best, I wanted other people to know that everyone feels like this and support them to do what they choose and not what they feel pressured to do."

Karen, CHEXS Charity Volunteer

  • Karen from Broxbourne volunteers with CHEXS charity in Waltham Cross, offering family support and enrichment projects to children and young people. She has helped to run a free family art and craft sessions and supported CHEXS with a willow sculpting project with local schools.
  • Karen says that she will always tell people to try volunteering, because you can build your confidence, try different activities that match your interests and learn a lot about yourself.

Roger, volunteering to help people with lung diseases

  • Roger initially started volunteering to help people with lung diseases when his wife, Daphne, was diagnosed with cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis. Nearly seven years after she sadly passed away, Roger continues to diligently support people with lung conditions.
  • For example, Roger has been the driving force and motivation behind all collections and grant applications for Breathe Easy Hertford. He also volunteers at Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust Pulmonary Rehabilitation classes.