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Hertfordshire County Council

Better Relationships, Better Parenting

Helping parents to address any conflict in their relationship, whether they are together or apart.

We hope everyone working with families can get involved using the practitioners' toolkit which includes practical information and advice on how to support parents in conflict, as well as how to refer to other local services.

About the programme

  • Children's exposure to conflict between their parents can put their mental health and long-term life chances at risk.
  • Our work is funded by the Department of Work and Pensions as part of a pilot during 2016/17.
  • Our work is based on national evidence demonstrating the link between inter-parental relationships and child outcomes.

Get more involved

We’re always looking for practitioners who want to help us to champion improving inter-parental relationships. If you’re interested in becoming an Ambassador for this programme and receiving additional training, email the Family Services Commissioning team.

Mediation or counselling for parents

Free mediation and counselling services are available for parents in conflict who meet the criteria:

  • parents are in conflict and this is impacting negatively on their children, or is likely to
  • parents have a child or children under 18, or expecting a baby
  • at least one parent lives in Hertfordshire
  • both parents want to take part
  • a Families First Practitioner is making the referral
  • eCAF or Families First Assessment is in place.

How to refer parents to mediation or couple counselling

  1. Check the family meet the criteria stated above
  2. Decide what is most appropriate for the family (guide to help you decide)
  3. Complete a referral form for Round-table mediation or counselling.
  4. Send the completed referral form direct to the provider using HertsFX – the contact details are on the forms.
  5. If you don’t have a HertsFX account, contact  – don't send personal data any other way.