If you are a speaker of other language/s and you live in the UK, the following qualifications can support you to learn English for everyday life and work. 

There are 5 levels of both the certificate and the award qualifications available to meet the needs of people with different strengths.

Certificates and awards in any area shown below are individual qualifications in their own right.

These qualifications can help you to progress into further learning and into employment.


Certificate in ESOL Skills for Life  (221 hours over a 9 month period)

To gain the full qualification 3 units must be completed: speaking and listening, reading and writing. All courses cover language used in everyday situations and in work.

Awards in ESOL Skills for Life (55 to 85 hours depending on level and qualification)

Speaking and Listening



The award qualifications allow learners to get an individual qualification in any one of the 3 units of the certificate above. Please contact HAFLS directly for advice on the duration of courses at each level within each subject area.


For a list of live courses and to search for a course near you, please use our course finder, contact HAFLS on 01992 556194 or use our online contact form.