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Hertfordshire County Council


Having undertaken various part time jobs over the years, Katie from Hemel Hempstead was keen to get back into work in a role that could fit around her family of 5 children.

As part of a training scheme with ‘Schools Catering’, Katie was enrolled onto a HAFLS Employability course.

“When I signed up to the HAFLS Employability course I was really anxious as I’m not very good with course work, instead being more practical”.

As soon as Katie started the course she realised she had nothing to worry about.

“Our tutor, Louisa was so interested in us and very animated - making it easy to learn”.

The course helped Katie recognise the transferable skills she has gained from her role as a mum, and provided a platform to improve her confidence.

The course gave her skills to write a strong CV as well as interview techniques,  including how to answer those really tricky questions. With all she’d learnt Katie reflected on the importance of doing her research when applying for jobs and giving herself time to prepare for every interview.

“I have so much more confidence now. I’ve written my CV, given it to agencies and also sent out cover letters to employers”.

Katie's next step is to undertake a computer skills course and she is currently looking for one that fits around her commitments. Despite being unable to access a course on a computer at home, HAFLS advised Katie to go to her local library, where she would have access to a computer and could complete the course.

Katie’s tutor, Louisa, also recommended further courses to build on her transferable skills.

The future is looking bright for Katie, who will continue her catering course in October and remains hopeful of finding a paid job that utilises all the skills she’s learnt.

“It would be nice to have a job I enjoy”.

Katie enjoyed working with her tutor, Louisa, so much that she is now on the lookout for other local HAFLS courses that Louisa will be teaching.