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Step2Skills provide tailored courses and training for organisations that enhance staff skills, enabling your business to grow and thrive.

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What we offer

English and Maths Courses

English and maths courses are ideal for increasing the efficiency, communication skills and motivation of your employees. By improving these basic and essential skills, you’ll empower staff, create more loyalty and build a more collaborative, cohesive and efficient way of working.

Level 1 Award in Skills for Business and Administration

This course provides participants with a broad introduction to the business and administration secto and equips you with sector specific transferable and employability skills. It’s designed to support progression to further learning and ultimately to secure employment in business and administration or other related sectors.

This course runs one day per week over 10 weeks and each session lasts 4 hours.

Staff Health and wellbeing

Have you ever calculated how many days are lost each year with staff unable to attend work due to ongoing health issues? Health and Wellbeing training helps staff stay healthy and manage pressures and workloads, as well as learning practical skills to assist with everyday real-life work situations.

Mindfulness for Business

Build teamwork, enhance creativity and communication to develop a happier and more productive workforce.

Staying Fit and Active at Work

Improve the energy, concentration and productivity of your workers.

Step2Skills First Aid

Courses teach staff valuable lifesaving skills in case of emergencies and leave them confident to handle any situation.

Emergency First Aid at Work

This one day course provides basic lifesaving first aid and health and safety regulations.

First Aid at Work (including a re-qualification course)

This 3 day course provides a comprehensive set of practical skills needed by first aiders in most work places to become a confident first aider at work.

Paediatric First Aid

This two day first aid course focuses on emergency scenarios that face those looking after young children and infants.

Why upskill your workforce

There are many benefits to upskilling your workforce - both to you as an employer and to your staff as employees.

According to IBM research, Employees that do not feel they can achieve their career goals at their current organisation are 12 times more likely to consider leaving than employees  who feel they can achieve their career goals – this number sky rockets to about 30 times for new employees.

According to a skills gap survey conducted by the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, half of employers identified that there were skills gaps in their workforce, which they consider to have a direct impact on their business competitiveness.