Are you aged 19+ and looking to improve your English or maths skills? We can help.

Our Functional Skills English and maths courses will provide you with career boosting, nationally recognised qualifications and teach you the practical, day-to-day essentials of these 2 key subjects.

Alternatively, you can opt to take one of our shorter Awards courses that break down the full Functional Skills into 3 separate areas:

• Speaking and Listening

• Reading

• Writing

Our courses take place in local businesses, community venues, and schools across Hertfordshire.


Functional Skills qualifications

You can take Functional Skills qualifications in English and maths up to level 2 (equivalent to a GCSE A-C grade). Typically, these courses will run for 45 hours, with one 2.5 hour class per week. They are assessed by examinations.

Functional Skills English (45 hours)

Develop your skills and confidence in writing, reading, speaking and listening in English.

Functional Skills Maths (45 hours)

Learn practical maths skills which you can apply to many areas of life, both at work and home.

Award in Speaking and Listening (30 hours)

Learn to listen with understanding, exchange information and take part in discussions in this foundation course. The qualification is portfolio-based. There is no exam.

Award in Reading (30 hours)

Find out about reading more effectively and using the skills you develop to get more from texts that you come across in everyday life. The qualification is portfolio-based. There is no exam.

Award in Writing (30 hours)

Write English more grammatically, improve your spelling and produce useful written messages. The qualification is portfolio-based. There is no exam.

Non-qualification English and Maths courses

Maths Skills (10 - 20 hours)

This course will cover the skills you need to progress to a qualification course. Various topics will be covered such as   estimating, working with money and weights and measures.


For a list of live courses and to search for a course near you, please use our course finder, contact HAFLS on 01992 556194 or use our online contact form.