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A new 16,000m2 children’s hospital has been built adjacent to the
existing St Thomas’ Hospital, opposite the Houses of Parliament. The intention was to provide a welcoming environment with a light and airy feel. This has been achieved through the arrangement of the accommodation around a large atrium which stretches the entire length of the facade.


Air quality in a hospital is critical. To optimise the quality of air without excessive energy use, a number of approaches have been taken in the design of the building services. They include:

  • A displacement ventilation system serves each of the bed spaces in the hospital. This involves the supply of air at a slightly lower temperature than the room, which then warms and rises to the extract, taking all contaminants with it and reducing the chance of infection
  • Some patients also have the option of natural ventilation using an acoustically treated panel within the window opening

Displacement ventilation systems such as these are typical in a number of other sectors, although this is one of the first examples in a hospital. 

Project team

Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Hopkins Architects

Hoare Lea

Further information

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