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Oak Meadow is the innovative, eco-friendly affordable housing project which resulted from a joint initiative between Devon & Cornwall Housing Association, Midas Homes Limited, Gale & Snowden Architects and North Devon District Council. It was completed in 2004.

The scheme comprises 35 homes and was designed as a template for sustainable rural social housing. The scheme performs very well under most sustainability criteria, namely energy, materials, water and ecology.


With the aim of achieving healthy environments, a careful design included: 

  • selection of natural non-toxic materials,
  • healthy design principles such as avoidance of dust mites
  • adequate daylighting, thermal comfort and adequate ventilation

To raise awareness, occupiers have been provided with advice on how to best benefit from the many special features in their homes. For instance, an information leaflet explains why organic paints should be used in any future redecoration to preserve the walls “breatheability”, achieved through the specification of a special heat-retaining board for the walls, allowing properties to be moisture permeable while remaining airtight. It also explains how the housing association is making arrangements to provide organic paints at competitive prices for occupiers.

Project team

Devon and Cornwall Housing Association

Further information

Malcolm Tester

Devon and Cornwall Housing Association