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Located in Wallington, South London, BedZed is the UK’s largest eco-village. This multiaward winning development was initiated by BioRegional, developed by the Peabody Trust in partnership with BioRegional Development Group and designed by Bill Dunster Architects.

Occupied since March 2002, BedZed comprises 82 properties, community facilities and a visitor centre. The development at BedZed addresses a number of environmental impacts through various sustainability solutions, in particular a great proportion of energy is generated on site.


As part of the energy efficiency strategy, BedZed uses a wind-driven natural ventilation system where outgoing stale air preheats incoming fresh air through a heat exchanger located on wind cowls found on the roofs. The wind cowls can rotate therefore harnessing even very weak breezes. Through this system inhabitants can breathe fresh air that is devoid of pollutants that would otherwise be incorporated to the air in the ventilation systems. This system allows the air ventilation to be controlled and implemented so that a clean internal environment is achieved. 

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Peabody Trust


Bill Dunster Architects

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