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Ecopark is Gallions Housing Association’s first environmentally
sustainable housing development featuring 39 two, three and four bedroom houses for affordable rent.


The houses were designed specifically to reduce energy and water consumption meaning they have a lower environmental impact than standard developments.

Measures to improve air quality were also incorporated into the design, and included:

  • fresh air design
  • natural rather than synthetic paints and solvents
  • non-toxic wood preservatives
  • use of PVC flooring avoided where possible

As a result of these measures, levels of Volatile Organic Compounds and formaldehyde have been minimised, resulting in an improved indoor environment for the health and wellbeing of the occupants. 


Project team

Gallions Housing Association

DHV Accommodation & Environment

Splinter Architecten

PRP Architects

PRP Project Services

Wilmott Dixon

Fulcrum Consulting


Further information

Rebecca Miller, Sustainability Manager at Gallions HA,