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At the concept stage of a development scheme, designers should ask if they have considered the following.

  • Will external targets be used for the design? e.g. Building for Life 12, BREEAM, Home Quality Mark.
  • Has a vision or design concept been developed to establish the character of the development?
  • Has the guidance for design and access statements been consulted from project initiation? A design and access statement should be commenced at the outset of a scheme.
  • Have all policies, guidance and designations in relation to the site and its context been checked and taken into account?
  • Where such opportunities exist, have alternative options for sites been considered, regarding capacity, access, environmental impact etc?
  • Have local needs and aspirations been identified?
  • How will local stakeholders be identified and involved in the aspirations for the development and its character?
  • Has an appraisal of the site been undertaken?
  • Has an appraisal of the context been undertaken?
  • How will the analysis of these appraisals inform the character of the development?