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This major sports centre was designed to house a variety of leisure and arts activities.  The facility includes a 50m public swimming pool with spectator seating, training pool with floating floor, health and fitness rooms, dance studio, bar, café and a reception suite. 

A large new integrated complex, providing three pools, a gym, a health suite and dance studio replacing an existing pool and performance venue.

Energy and water: The contract involved complex phasing to ensure that a swimming facility was maintained throughout the construction period. The rebuilt pools incorporate different microclimates for spectators and swimmers, with separate air temperatures and humidity to ensure comfort for both. The brief called for facilities of a high standard to serve the community for a considerable period.

The use of borehole water to transfer heat around the building and to supply the pool water, results in significant savings, of approximately £10,000 pa.

Further information

Environmental benefits 

Considerable energy saving by using borehole water to transfer heat around the building