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Kingsmead Primary School in Cheshire opened in 2004 and provides places for 150 pupils within a new housing development. Sustainable design issues were taken into account throughout the design and construction process, which has resulted in a low energy building and a positive learning environment for the pupils.


The principles of the energy hierarchy (be lean, be green and be clean) were observed in the building design. Energy demand has been reduced through the orientation and siting of the building. It has also been reduced through the use of passive energy systems such as daylighting and natural ventilation and a super-insulated building envelope.

‘Green’ energy technologies have been adopted as follows:

Solar photovoltaics- A 5 kW peak system is expected to supply 15% of the school’s annual electricity demand.

Solar water heating- Solar panels are mounted on an A-frame on the south facing roof. The water heated by the system will be stored in a low-pressure heat store, before being heated further by the biomass system.

Biomass- The biomass boiler meets around 60% of the heat demand of the school. The fuel supply consists of waste woodchip from a local source.

The use of these renewable energy systems has resulted in a reduction of annual emissions by approximately 5 tonnes of CO2 each year.

Project team

Cheshire County Council

Willmott Dixon

White Design Architects

Mander Structural Design

Arup Engineering

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