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The Western General Hospital cares for more than 150,000 patients every year and it provides specialist acute health care. It has 800 acute beds and 34 day beds.




The Hospital has an Energy Services Agreement with Scottish and Southern Energy Plc who owns, operates and maintains the energy plant and equipment. This plant and equipment provides all the heat and power required by the hospital. To implement this, Scottish and Southern Energy has installed new boilers and a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system to generate electricity, steam and hot water efficiently.


Hospitals generally have large continuous heat and power demands and CHP is an ideal solution. A gas fired reciprocating engine CHP was installed after the current and projected heat and power loads were evaluated. The CHP system generates approximately 1MW of electricity which is fed into the main supply to the Hospital’s high voltage ring main. The system is sized to match the site’s base load and can therefore be run at full output all year around.


Waste heat is recovered from the engine cooling and lubrication systems and is used to generate hot water at approximately 90C. This is supplied to the hospital plant rooms, providing heating and domestic hot water.


The on-site generation of hot water, steam and electrical power allows a system efficiency of approximately 77% to be achieved. This is a significant improvement over traditional grid imports and boiler operation, and produces primary energy savings of more than 30%. The system generates approximately 7.8GWh of electricity annually, producing a net carbon saving of approximately 800 tonnes/annum.


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