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Five new homes are to be built on the site of an old apple store in the village of Stawell, using sustainable technologies such as solar panels and wood pellet stoves. With low heating and electricity bills, carbon emissions will be low. Specially landscaped gardens will support wildlife and provide residents with space to grow their own produce.


The properties incorporate internal sunspaces, and natural light is an important part of the design of all the homes.  Some include space for a home office. 

Materials are from natural and sustainable sources. All timber used will be from certified sustainable FSC sources. Insulation is made from recycled newspapers and waste wood fibre, and some recycled bricks are also used. 

The houses have minimal PVC and formaldehyde chemicals that can cause air quality deterioration. 

Natural paints and finishes are used.

The windows are triple glazed, whilst the wall construction creates a vapour permeable layer which prevents moisture build up and mould.

The homes will generate energy using PV cells and solar thermal panels; estimated at around 1700 kWh per year.  Supplementary heating is from wood pellet burners – a carbon neutral fuel. 

The development operates a waste management plan to reduce waste and maximise recycling.  All properties have 2,500 litre rainwater harvesting systems, water butts and low flow taps, showers and dual flush toilets.

All residents will share an electric pool car.

Project team

Developed by Pippin Properties Limited, a joint venture between landowners Charles and Rowena Graham and Ecos Homes Limited.

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Environmental benefits

Low energy use, usage of recycled materials, use of recycled water and low water consumption.