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The design of this community in Copenhagen is an example of social and urban sustainability.


Long, sharp V-shaped balconies are at seemingly random angles from the south frontage of the VM dwellings.  As they all project out by a full five metres, the balconies have been cultivated by their occupiers as hanging gardens and used as platforms from which to converse with neighbours.  The scheme is named after the V and M shapes that make up the two blocks; this configuration provides as much sunlight as possible to the scheme’s 230 luxury apartments. Most are duplexes with panoramic views to the south and double-height spaces to the north.  The exterior is equally open, as the apartments are bounded by clear-glazed window walls stretching from floor to ceiling.

Project team

JDS Architects

Further information

Environmental benefits

The design contributes to a highly sociable community that is sustainable in the social sense.  It is energy efficient through being orientated towards the sun and highly insulated.