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Orchard House was built as a family residence.  The site is a former kitchen garden to a nearby manor house. It is located within the Bath Green Belt and the South Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and adjoins a conservation area.


The house is a green oak frame, clad with riven oak laths and other sustainably sourced natural materials.  The materials will weather gracefully thus eliminating the need for maintenance using paints and stains.  Insulation is from Warmcell recycled paper and lining boards.  Low-E coated double glazed timber windows are faced in aluminium.

Lightweight walls contrast with one heavyweight stone faced masonry wall, and together with the limestone faced ground floor slab, provide thermal mass (i.e. absorbs heat and releases it slowly) which helps regulate the internal temperature of the building, reducing energy consumption.  

A high efficiency gas fired boiler with under floor heating is controlled by an external sensor to optimise the heating periods in the building.  The whole house has ventilation with a heat recovery system.

Project team

Nash Partnership

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Environmental benefits

The construction materials are from sustainable sources. Heating is controlled by an external sensor to reduce energy consumption.

Development sector - homeowner, residential