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Living Villages specialises in designing and building energy efficient, environmentally friendly and socially sustainable new communities. Homes at The Wintles, built in 2005 near Bishop’s Castle, are made from a super-insulated engineered timber frame structure together, with passive solar gain and an internal thermal mass heat store.


Living Villages are neighbourhoods of homes, built in clusters around a village green.  The houses are orientated towards the sun for warmth and triple-insulated. High performance double-glazing, high levels of air tightness around the openings and heat exchange units enable the houses to capture and recycle the heat created within the building envelope, cutting down on both fuel bills and carbon emissions. Active solar panels for hot water heating are standard and PV panels optional. Biomass condensing boilers provide under-floor heating to ground floor and bathrooms. Mechanical heat recovery systems extract the heat from the warm moist air from the bathrooms and kitchens, and distribute it to the bedrooms and living rooms. Top-up electricity is from a 100% renewable energy supply.

Materials are natural, local and recycled. Timber is from a sustainable FSC approved source. Dust is filtered from air before it enters the house.

Organic waste is composted, non-organic waste is recycled. Rainwater is collected and used for irrigation. Houses are plumbed for water recycling. Reduced flush toilets, low flow taps and shower heads also reduce the use of water.

Project team

Living Villages specialise in forming partnerships with land-owners and other developers, to help them realise a more sustainable and better designed vision for their land.

Further information 

Environmental benefits

Low energy use, use of recycled water and low water consumption, sustainable neighbourhoods.