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Praised for its high level of public consultation and located on a predominantly brownfield site, formally occupied by Clarks Shoe Factories, this site has been designed to the EcoHomes ‘Excellent’ standard.





Solar thermal panels on the roof have dual coil sealed cylinders to store and distribute hot water in 47 homes. 

Roof insulation in all the homes has a U-value of 0.11 to 0.12W/m2/K. A Structural Insulated Panel System created off site in controlled factory conditions will reduce air leakage from the Building Regulation requirement of 10m3/m2/HR to a maximum of 4m3/m2/HR.

Floor insulation to each floor to a depth of 100mm providing a U value of 0.15W/m2/K.

Mechanical heat recovery units that will pre-warm fresh air with air extracted from wet rooms.

Rainwater collection from roofed areas transport runoff via down pipes to water butts with overflow transferring to swales, reeds and willow beds.

Open green areas are located within the development.