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Maidenhead and District Housing Association (MDHA) are one of the few UK housing associations to build INTEGER houses. Alpine Close, Greenfields is the largest residential development of its type in the UK. The brownfield site was previously a car park which included 166 parking spaces, most being within pre-cast concrete garages.





The £2m development comprises 19 flats and 8 houses. The development contains a number of features to minimise the use of natural resources and the waste generated from construction activity and to maximise the use of recycled materials. 

  • garages that existed on the site were crushed and recycled as fall under vehicular areas and paths
  • recycled cellulose newsprint was used for insulation

The turf roofs are durable and also offer thermal insulation properties. Other benefits of using turf roofs are that they manage rainwater run-off and act as a mini habitat for wildlife.

Photovoltaic panels have been incorporated as part of the building fabric. In addition to creating visual interest, they also generate electricity for the homes. 

Other sustainable features include: 

  • passive solar energy capture from the South West
  • a centralised boiler system, with intelligent systems to operate at optimum efficiency
  • water recycling/saving including: greywater recycling for use in toilets; collection of surface water for irrigation



Project team

Maidenhead & District Housing Association

Bree Day Partnership

i&i limited

Oscar Faber

Anthony Ward Partnership

The Andrews Partnership

Chris Monckton Associates

Bickerton Construction