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School built completely out of timber, using an offsite timber panel system and assembled in one week in 2007.  The school is one twentieth the size of a typical school and is designed to demonstrate a quick build, commercially viable, affordable and ecological solution to the Building Schools for the Future programme. 



Designed by Eurban, the shell is made of Lenotec; a highly airtight panel, made of strips of waste wood off-cuts and glue.  The panels are self-supporting in two directions, require no additional framework and are used as load-bearing walls.  Also used are Glulam beams and columns where there is a large expanse of glazing.  The building, can be built up to 10 storeys high and is fixed to screw-pile foundations, which need no concrete and can be easily uprooted. 

Photovoltaics, solar thermal and wind technologies have also been included. Insulation is achieved through wood fibre coated in a secondary waterproofing layer of paraffin wax, and battens, onto which cladding is affixed.