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The Millennium House was designed and built with the aim of demonstrating sustainability features that can be achieved using the latest sustainable construction techniques, showcasing the origins of the INTEGER concept.

The project was completed in eighteen weeks, by a team of volunteers.



The Millennium House uses innovative design and construction features in addition to environmental technologies. The intention was to create a showcase for sustainable construction and raise awareness of the possibilities for enviromental design.

The materials chosen for the house represent best practice and include the following:

  • a turf roof providing good insulation and a low maintenance alternative to conventional roofing materials
  • timber cladding and frame
  • solar thermal panels are integrated into the roof to generate hot water for the house

Prefabricated elements were included to minimise environmental impacts: 

  • off-site fabrication of concrete floor slabs, timber panelling for the super structure minimised waste generated on-site
  • bathroom modules originally designed for off shore oil industries were used and were delivered to the site fully completed 

Other environmental features include:

  • ground source heat pump heating system
  • grey water recycling system
  • rainwater collection

The project has succeeded in attracting visitors and interest in sustainable house construction. Various features from the Millennium house have now been incorporated in other INTEGER projects.




Project team


Cole Thompson Anders, Bree Day Partnership,

Paul Hodgkins Associates

i&i limited

Oscar Faber

The Andrews Partnership

Anthony Ward Partnership

Centre for Performance Improvement in

Construction, BRE