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Ercol is a privately owned furniture manufacturer employing about 350 people. Its new manufacturing facility in High Wycombe includes manufacturing and office space as well as a customer showroom. The site sits in a non-industrial estate location and has residential properties on three sides. Construction was completed in 2002.





As furniture manufacturing is a notoriously noisy process, a noise model of the building was developed. A reduction in noise was achieved following the advice of acoustic consultants: 

  • the entire roof and walls were constructed as noise absorbent panels
  • the normally conspicuous, noisy, dust extraction plant is enclosed within the building fabric
  • acoustic louvres were fixed over the space containing filter units
  • a 160mm mineral wool insulation layer was used for external walls

Noise emissions from the factory were reduced to only 2.5% of a typical factory building.





Project team

London Borough of Newham

Education Department

Newham Council Property & Design


The English Cogger Partnership

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