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The Hornsey Street Waste and Recycling Centre in North London is part of the regeneration package funded by the new £357 million Arsenal stadium. The £60 million waste and recycling centre was built on a site which has been derelict for 20 years and will provide a facility for North London Waste Authority’s transfer station and Islington Council’s civic amenity site, both of which had to be relocated to make way for the new stadium.




The building required a high environmental specification, specifically on the issue of noise reduction. To solve the problem of noise resulting from recycling operations, acoustic louvers were fixed on the external walls. These not only allow fresh air intake but also generate no additional noise. This provides a more comfortable working environment within the building and protects the neighbouring residents living on the fringe of the development from additional noise nuisance.

The forty 305mm deep external acoustic R-Type louvres run along both sides of the building and were manufactured to fit the building’s openings. Seventeen plenums (4.6m wide by 3m tall) of 100mm thick steel acoustic panel work and splitters were positioned behind the louvres.




Project team

North London Waste Authority

Sir Robert McAlpine

Robinson Architects

Levolux Louvres


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