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The Royal Docks School is situated near London City airport and experiences high noise levels from planes and nearby roads.

The school is inclusive and had to be designed to meet the needs of hearing impaired students who require a low ambient noise level.




Financial and environmental (energy and noise comfort) considerations meant that natural ventilation was preferred to acoustically sealing the building. This challenge meant that a purpose-designed system was needed to screen external noise and maintain the required internal environment conditions.

Acoustically insulated inlet vents allow fresh air into classrooms. Air exits via passive stacks high at the rear of the room into a central duct and up to the roof outlet.

An aerofoil over the outlet increases the stack effect when wind blows over it, giving good all weather performance.

The classrooms are also designed to reduce mid-frequency reverberation and reinforce direct speech.





Project team

London Borough of Newham

Education Department

Newham Council Property & Design


The English Cogger Partnership

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