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The Brewery Wharf apartment development in Leeds is a 9,600m2 site containing 326 apartments in five buildings on the banks of the River Aire. Amongst the challenges faced by the designers was a planning consent requirement for acoustic performance to exceed the new Part E regulations.






Concrete specifications were such that high ceiling heights could be achieved, avoiding the presence of bulkheads and beams in internal spaces. Concrete also has excellent acoustic properties. Project requirements were set at a maximum of 34-35dB for external walls and windows and a 53dB airborne level difference for internal/party walls. Blockwork walls and a floor acoustic screed helped achieve these targets, while the flat slab and concrete frame construction provided an effective sound barrier.

The result is a modern inner city residential development insulated against exterior and interior sources of noise, ensuring a high quality of life for inhabitants who enjoy the benefits of living in the heart of a city, without accompanying noise intrusion.