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  • Noise complaints in Hertfordshire are predominantly related to domestic noise - 68% falls under this category. Construction and commercial operations also generate a large number of noise complaints. (Quality of Life, 2014) 
  • Hertfordshire has two international airports, Luton and Stansted, at its borders.  In 2013, Hertfordshire residents raised 69% of aircraft noise complaints related to Luton and 19.4% related to Stansted. (Quality of Life, 2014).
  • Unwanted background noise can effect people’s wellbeing. The World Health Organisation states that noise levels greater than 30dB LA eq in rooms induced sleep disturbance.
  • The World Health Organisation states: at night, sound pressure levels at the facades of living spaces should not exceed 45 dB LA eq so that people can sleep with bedroom windows open. The National Noise Incidence Survey 2000 conducted by BRE showed that 67% of the UK population live in dwellings where this level is exceeded. 
  • The Considerate Constructor Scheme was created by the construction industry to improve its image and lessen construction site disturbance and disruption. A freephone line (0800 7831423) has been set up to report environmental disturbances (including noise) from construction sites. 
  • Noise can have a dramatic effect on wildlife routines, behaviour and breeding patterns. 
  • Traffic often causes noise pollution issues for local residents. Some traffic calming safety measures, such as speed bumps, increase traffic noise due to braking and re-acceleration of vehicles.
  • Health and Safety Executive estimates that over 1 million employees in the UK are exposed to levels of noise that are putting their hearing at risk
  • Between 1984/85 and 2004/05, complaints about noise from domestic premises increased fivefold and complaints about noise from roadworks, construction and demolition works increased fourfold. Complaints about traffic fell by 22% over the same period. (National Statistics, Social Trends, No.37, 2007 edition)