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 British Areospace - Secured by Design Scheme


The redevelopment of the British Aerospace site began in 2003.  The parts of the site owned by the housing association have been awarded Secured by Design certification for features that deter crime.


Car parking areas have been made more secure by various measures, they include;

  • Installation of metal grills around the openings in the car parking area below the flats to prevent unauthorised entry.  
  • Installation of remotely-controlled wire mesh gate to the car parking area.

 Car Parking - Secured by Design Scheme

  • Outside car parking area designed so as to be under natural surveillance from surrounding windows in the flats.

Fencing has been designed to deter anti-social behaviour and crime;

  • Wooden trellis has been used to top brick walls and fencing panels to deter entry to property.

 Wooden Trellis 1 - Secured by Design Scheme


 Wooden Trellis 2 - Secured by Design Scheme

  • Short and tall railings have been used where appropriate to define space in front of homes, to prevent entry to areas and to cordon off areas, where a solid fence would otherwise have created an area where people could be concealed.
  • Hedging has been maintained and kept to a short height for the same reason.
  • Tall wire mesh fencing is also a deterrent to entry.

 Locks - Secured by Design Scheme


Approved locks, for example those meeting standard PAS 24 are used and appropriate hardware to prevent locks being forced open are in place in homes of multiple occupation.


Lights are suitably placed to deter crime and anti-social behaviour and to provide light to doorways and entrances.

Secure postboxes are provided at the entrances to residential flats to allow access only to residents and other authorised people.

 Postbox 1 - Secured by Design Scheme

 Postbox 2 - Secured by Design Scheme