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Principle: To ensure that management and maintenance costs and issues are considered at the design stage

Well managed and maintained space

If a development is to include communal areas, and areas that will not be adopted by the highway authority, a mechanism needs to be put in place and properly funded, for example, through a service charge, for future maintenance.

Good, well designed public lighting increases the opportunity for surveillance at night and sends out positive messages about the management of the area.

Crime and anti-social behaviour is more likely to occur if a place is untidy or neglected, giving the impression it is not cared for or that crime is tolerated.

Cleaning and maintenance systems should include regular grass cutting, ground maintenance and litter and graffiti removal.

Planting and landscaping will require regular maintenance; tree canopies should not fall below 2.5m in height and shrubs not allowed to grow too tall to form a screen.

A tidy and well managed communal garden creates a good impression, St Albans

Appropriate positioning of street furniture improves the public realm, Hatfield


  1. Has the development scheme addressed future management and maintenance issues?