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Principle: To design parking solutions to create variety in the street scene and a sense of ownership, safety and security.

Parking solutions need to consider the type and scale of development in question. Safe and secure parking can be achieved where cars can be seen by owners and neighbours.

Illustration showing parking solutions

Options include:

  • Within the curtilage of the dwelling or 'on plot' such as in the form of a garage, car port, parking bay or private drive. Ideally all should be accessed from the front of the dwelling/premises.
  • Residents' and visitor parking can be provided adjacent to the highway in the form of parallel or angled parking bays and parking squares.
  • Small parking courtyards need to be designed carefully and be overlooked with direct access to the surrounding dwellings or their rear gardens. Boundary fencing should be designed to include a viewing panel to allow observation from the dwelling by the owner over the parking space.
  • Parking can be provided at the front, side and rear of flatted development, or even beneath.
  • Standards from the national Safer Parking 'Park Mark' initiative should be considered for underground/basement/undercroft parking.
  • Parking in the front garden, whilst having a detrimental effect on visual quality of the environment, should also be avoided for community safety reasons. Parking in the front garden will minimise the scope for landscaping and the provision of front boundary treatments that help to define semi-private space.
  • Where appropriate new development should provide secure parking for bicycles, motorcycles and scooters. Physical means of locking cycles is required and the areas should be naturally overlooked.

A parking courtyard overlooked by adjacent flats, Hertford

Surveillence and lighting

Where possible homeowners should be able to see their vehicle from at least one habitable room.

Grouped or communal parking should to be broken down into small groups to encourage ownership and security protection, and be clearly visible from adjacent dwellings.

Lighting should be to British Standard illuminance levels during the hours of darkness. When considering lighting the character of the environment should be respected.

Unadopted parking courts should be furnished with dusk to dawn energy efficient lighting to appropriate levels.

The design scheme needs to consider the safe passage of emergency, delivery and refuse collection vehicles. 

Vehicles clearly visible from the properties, Stevenage 

Undercroft parking with an open frontage, maximising natural light and allowing suveillance from the street, St Albans 


  1. Has attention been given to the design of safe and secure parking?
  2. Can resident and visitor parking areas be seen by owners and neighbours?
  3. Has the need to maintain the character of the area been balanced against the need for parking solutions that create a sense of safety and security?
  4. Have suitable lighting solutions been considered in all parking areas?