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The £58 million redevelopment of BP's site at Sunbury was designed and constructed with waste minimisation and environmental performance as core elements. The office and laboratory comprised the first phase of the full redevelopment of the 13 hectare site.


As part of the redevelopment process, work included demolition of buildings followed by construction of three office buildings and a chemical technology building with laboratory facilities. Buildings used a steel structure and glass curtain wall construction. 

Construction Best Practice

  • as part of the waste management plan, a waste reduction initiative booklet was produced and staff were trained as part of the site's induction process 
  • waste produced was segregated into timber, metal, paper/cardboard and general waste

Supply chain

  • trade contracts specified that only suppliers that actively minimised packaging would be chosen 
  • glazing was delivered in re-usable metal containers and lighting came in bulk package rather than in individual boxes 


  • off-site manufacture was also applied to the glass curtain walling, suspended ceilings, raised floors, boiler room and roof plant pipework

Project team

Schal, part of Carillion Plc

Further information

CIRIA: Report C536: Demonstrating Waste minimisation benefits in construction