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Sherwood Park is a new 92 bedroom hotel and office complex located in north Nottingham. Construction was carried out by Simons Construction Ltd, a company with an environmental policy to minimise the environmental impact of construction operations and to implement waste management practices. 


The contractor worked with a waste management company, Wastecycle, who advised on how to implement the waste management and waste minimisation strategy. 

  • construction waste was segregated into general, inert, metal, timber, plasterboard and hazardous waste
  • reclaimed materials were reused wherever practical; e.g. the use of recycled crushed material for a piling platform and reclaimed brick for internal feature walls
  • timber waste was reused two or three times as shuttering, window linings, dummy frames, propping and packing
  • a small reclaim area was designated where surplus usable materials could be returned for reuse by other operatives on the site
  • returnable transit packaging was re-used for items such as the glass façade
  • old oil drums were filled with concrete and used as relocatable bollards to prevent damage to finished works from moving vehicles
  • the use of prefabricated bathroom pods reduced the amount of waste generated on site

A waste management awareness campaign was carried out amongst all site employees and sub-contractors. Briefings on waste minimisation were given to all site employees along with a construction-specific environmental awareness/law course. All sub-contractors involved were contractually obliged to follow on-site waste management procedures.

In addition to financial savings, the best practice management enabled improved environmental performance and improved health and safety on site.

In terms of Best Practice Programme Key Performance Indicators for waste, the project was placed in the top 20% of UK projects for low waste. In addition, the extensive waste management on site won Simons Construction Ltd the Gold Award in the Green Organisation's 2004 "Green Apple Awards".

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