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Farnborough Business Park is a 126 acre site owned by Slough Estates. When complete it will include 22 office blocks, retail and leisure units.

The site had historic significance to the aviation industry and the local context, a number of listed buildings were retained and restored. Phase 1 of development included the demolition of over 100 buildings, the construction of site infrastructure and two commercial buildings. Construction of Phase 2 began in 2005.

Carillion was the main contractor for the first phase which included a number of on-site waste management initiatives.


Initiatives for addressing waste issues were considered during the planning stage and included: 

  • introducing auditing to monitor resource use through industry software. The BRE SMARTstartTM tool was used which enables all contractors involved to consider waste reduction measures where applicable 
  • establishing an Environmental Liaison Committee to ensure commitment to environmental management best practice principles 

Once on site the following initiatives were pursued:

  • materials from demolition of on-site buildings were retained on site and re-used for raising the levels of development plots 
  • unsuitable brick and concrete from demolition were recycled in plants where they were screened and compacted on site 
  • soil and concrete excavated during infrastructure works were re-used. Soil was re-used in site landscaping and concrete was stockpiled for crushing and re-used on site 
  • a local waste management company was hired to provide skips for waste generation on site. Once full with the main materials types the skips were collected for recycling

Project team

Carillion plc Slough Estates

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