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Introduction Watford leisure centre is a sports centre that offers a range of sporting activities and attracts more than 300,000 visitors every year. The centre is among many buildings that Watford Borough Council has chosen to join a Government project, Watermark, aimed at promoting measures for reducing water consumption and establishing benchmarks for good practice.

Description Watford Borough Council joined the Watermark project in December 2002 and under this project it accepted Water Services Contracts (WSCs) from ADSM, a utility management company with expertise in water efficient solutions. ADSM installed and monitored various water saving devices for 17 buildings, which were done at no cost to the Council.

Measures implemented at Watford Leisure Centre include leak detection and repair, installation of controls to reduce water consumption and water bill management and monitoring.

During the first year of the scheme the Council achieved a total reduction in all buildings of 13169m3 in water consumption, equating to 22% of the annual bill. Five of the sites reduced water consumption by over 50%.

N.B. Watford Leisure Centre closed at the end of 2006 for refurbishment.

Project team Watford Leisure Centre Watford Borough Council Advanced Demand Side Management plc (ADSM) Watermark

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