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This office business park has a total area of 11.6 ha, comprising buildings of 1000m2 to 2000m2. The site occupies the brow of a hill.

Description Incorporating Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems was a planning policy requirement of South Gloucestershire Council, the local planning authority. Because the site was developed on a phased basis, the drainage designs were dictated by the capacity of the catchments.

SUDS used Permeable paving was used in the Phase 3 parking areas (total area approx 1.2 ha). Discharges from the paving connect to swales, which are conveyed by a conventional gravity drainage system. The water is discharged through a wet detention pond, and a control feature (Hydrobrake), which discharges into an off-site watercourse. Run-off from the roofs of the Phase 3 development also discharge into the permeable paving.

Initially, a large wet detention pond was proposed. However, this conflicted with the developer's aim to maximise the development area, and have high quality landscaped ponds in prominent areas, rather than a detention pond at the back of the development. 

Through incorporating SUDS, the loss of land to detention ponds was minimised and the SUDS planning policy requirements of the Local Authority was met. In order to achieve successful drainage systems, services and drainage were installed early. During construction, attention was given to avoiding contamination of the system, especially from sand and topsoil.

Project team Bristol and England Properties Arup

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