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Fallbarrow Park is set in the middle of wooded parkland that borders the eastern shore of Lake Windermere. It provides facilities for tourists and holiday makers including caravan sites, holiday homes and chalets, restaurants, pubs, and boat pitches.


Fallbarrow Park has incorporated a number of water efficiency measures. Water meters are read every week to monitor consumption and detect leaks. To save time and effort, automatic leak detection devices will be installed in the near future.

Water butts have been installed and rainwater is used for garden areas. Gardens also use water straight from Lake Windermere where appropriate. Mulches are used throughout to reduce the amount of watering needed and 'slow release' water gel sachets are also used.

All new caravans on site have 'space savers' inserted into toilet cisterns. Each one saves more than 1 litre per flush. This amounts to huge savings with 270 caravans on site. The park has also trialled waterless urinals but they were unpopular with users. As a result, a timed urinal system was utilised.

Fallbarrow Park won a David Bellamy Conservation Award. 

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Fallbarrow Park

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