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Gallions Ecopark is an affordable housing scheme of 39 houses at Thamesmead, developed by Gallions Housing Association. The homes contain a combination of costeffective and practical water and energy efficiency design solutions that are easy to use and maintain. A key objective of this project is to share the lessons learned and distribute monitoring information.


The water saving features include small baths, water-efficient showers, spray taps, flow regulators, mixer taps (in the kitchens), low dual-flush toilets (4/2.5 litre) and water butts.

Gallions Housing Association has monitored the use of water in a number of houses using residents' water bills. Initial indications show that the average resident uses 109 litres per day. This is 27% less than the national average of 150 litres per day.

Throughout the development, paved areas are limited and the use of half-open pavement areas allows rainwater to penetrate the ground thereby reducing run-off. Rainwater is biologically treated before entering the local canal system and street water passes through oil separators before reaching the biological treatment area.

A visitor centre has been developed on site with an accompanying exhibition home that showcases the sustainable elements of the design and construction. 

Gallions Housing Association runs an educational programme with local schools to promote an understanding and acceptance of the principles of sustainability.

Project team

Gallions Housing Association Wilmot Dixon PRP Architects and Project Services Fulcrum Consulting

Further information

PRP Architects – Gallions Ecopark